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Dubos doo, in partnership with EDGE from Sarajevo, is excited to announce Repex 2024 - the leading event in the Western Balkans dedicated to revolutionizing the worlds of retail and real estate. Set to take place from April 17th to 18th, 2024, at the Hills Congress Center in ... Read More


Date: 18.12.2023 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - We are pleased to inform you about a new step in developing our company, Dubos LLC. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Colak Franchise Consulting Group (CFCG), a leader in franchise consulting in Southeast Europe. This ... Read More
Jahorina apartmani


Located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jahorina is rapidly carving its niche as a sought-after destination for real estate investment. This picturesque mountain, with its pristine slopes and modern infrastructure, attracts both investors and holiday seekers alike. But what makes Jahorina a wise choice for investment? ... Read More
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In today's rapidly evolving world, where efficiency and convenience are paramount, the aviation industry has often lagged behind in terms of technological advancements. However, our team has risen to the challenge and developed an innovative application that addresses the pressing issues faced by airlines and tour operators. This ... Read More


The real estate market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is relatively small and has seen slow growth in recent years. However, there is potential for investment, particularly in the residential sector, as the country is experiencing an increase in the demand for housing. In terms of profitability, real estate ... Read More
Check In at the Bar


Early market signs suggest that, despite rising expenses, the travel demand will probably remain high in 2023. People still have a lot of travel on their minds, especially in the US and Europe. According to market statistics, the number of nights reserved by US and British visitors is ... Read More
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In just over a century, the airline industry has gone from learning to fly to learning to fly faster, to learning to fly further, to learning to fly heavy aircraft, to the point where more than 100,000 commercial flights take place in the world every day!... Read More


This a question that often bothers investors. The answer to this question depends on many factors such as location, micro-location, supply and demand, the presence of certain brands on the market, the size of the hotel, the facilities, the availability of qualified ... Read More
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A successful restaurateur must possess a talent for versatility. Business owners in the hospitality industry must be prepared for what lies ahead. No matter what your career background may be, whether it be as a firefighter, doctor, or race car driver, each career comes with its own unique ... Read More