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Technical Assistance

• Administrative & Logistical Support: Complete logistical and administrative support services;
• Information & Analysis: Business intelligence and business development;
• Alliance-building: Creation, participation in and management of local and international consortia;
• Personnel: Identification and recruitment of local and international experts for use in project teams, often at short notice;
• Project Implementation: Development of flexible, innovative methodologies which reflect current policy and best practice, and offer sustainable solutions;
• Project Management & Monitoring: Implementation and active monitoring of projects in compliance with applicable norms and standards;
• Quality Control: Quality control and compliance with recognized reporting requirements.


• Due Diligence: Identification and evaluation of procurement needs and supply sources in terms of:
– price, quality and quantity;
– pre- and post-shipment inspection;
– transportation and insurance;
– local import procedures;
– delivery, installation, testing and commissioning;
• Specification: Drafting of technical specifications in conjunction with local and international beneficiaries;
• Tenders: Drafting and publication of tender documentation;
• Bid Evaluation: Evaluation of bids on administrative, technical and financial basis;
• Contracts & Documentation: Drafting of procurement contracts and related documentation;
• Financial Management & Accounts: Management of invoices and payments related to the procurement of supplies and support services; joint management and control of bank accounts established for the implementation of procurement programmes and projects;
• Logistics: Inspections, packing and delivery, installation, commissioning and training, and handover to the end user.


• Project management
• Tourism and hospitality
• ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, Halal

Mystery Shopping

• Hotel & Spa & Restaurant Inspections
Evaluating your service, through the eyes of your guests.

IT Development

• Custom IT solutions