We take full responsibility of your operations.

Real estate consulting

  • Our team works with commercial investors on concept development and project management
  • We provide professional advice and recommendations to clients who want to buy or build real estate
  • Our specialty is hotels, residential buildings, business buildings, and mixed-use buildings
  • We offer a full spectrum of services in hotel development, hotel investments, hotel development and construction, and hotel property management
  • We are focused on real estate projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro

Technical Assistance

  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Administrative & Logistical Support: Complete logistical and administrative support services
  • Information & Analysis: Business intelligence and business development
  • Alliance-building: Creation, participation in, and management of local and international consortia
  • Personnel: Identification and recruitment of local and international experts for use in project teams, often at short notice
  • Project Implementation: Development of flexible, innovative methodologies which reflect current policy and best practice and offer sustainable solutions
  • Project Management & Monitoring: Implementation and active monitoring of projects in compliance with applicable norms and standards
  • Quality Control: Quality control and compliance with recognized reporting requirements

IT Development

  • Custom IT solutions

Mystery Shopping

  • Hotel & Restaurant Inspections
  • Evaluating your service through the eyes of your guests!

Having trouble locating what you need?

  • Reach out to one of our experts for assistance.


Charter brokerage

  • Our team can arrange flights on behalf of their clients, acting as “authorized agent”
  • We identify the client’s individual flight requirements
  • We research aircraft options anywhere in the world via a worldwide network of operators
  • We achieve competitive quotes from operators who face competition from fellow aircraft suppliers
  • We help you make an informed decision
  • The charter broker is paid an agreed commission for finding aircraft available for charter/lease and acting as a middleman in negotiations between a charterer and an aircraft operator


  • Due Diligence: Identify and evaluate procurement needs and supply sources in terms of price, quality and quantity, pre- and post-shipment inspection, transportation and insurance, local import procedures, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning
  • Specification: Drafting of technical specifications in conjunction with local and international beneficiaries; drafting and publication of tender documentation; evaluation of bids on an administrative, technical, and financial basis; drafting of procurement contracts and related documentation
  • Financial Management & Accounts: Management of invoices and payments related to the procurement of supplies and support services; joint management and control of bank accounts established for implementing procurement programs and projects