About Us

The company operates in the field of international development in projects financed and supported by individuals and companies.

Who we are?

Founded in 2008, DUBOS d.o.o. has years of experience in the provision of technical assistance, procurement, and trading services for projects and programs funded by many of the world’s most well-known international companies and organizations.

DUBOS executives and staff are highly competent, multilingual industry veterans with demonstrable experience in the management of the complex technical, financial and logistical aspects of development projects. The company has clients from the USA, Norway, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Further expertise is provided by a network of qualified international consultants, experts, and strategic partnerships with local services, allowing the company to assign the most appropriate and practical expertise to project teams to ensure full compliance with investor/donor and beneficiary requirements.

Our Skills

Business intelligence & development / 99%
Project management / 100%
Comprehensive Hotel / Restaurant Inspection / 100%
Software development / 85%
Training & Coaching / 80%
Trading / 87%